The Diocese of Albany is one Church with many missionary outposts, committed to the Great Commandment and Great Commission, moving from membership to discipleship; equipping, emboldening, and sending disciples to make disciples.
The Cathedral is the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany - a house of prayer and worship offering daily prayer and the Holy Eucharist in the City of Albany since the Cathedral's founding in 1872. Their ministry in surrounding neighborhoods, their dedication to the best of Anglican liturgy and music, and their commitment to ecumenism define our ongoing work.
The Vision for Christ the King…a Vision of the Kingdom Christ the King Center equips disciples to make disciples for God's Kingdom by ministering to the heart, mind, body, and soul of people of all ages, through Christ-centered prayer, Biblical teaching, and genuine hospitality, sharing Jesus' love and healing grace in a beautiful, Holy Spirit-filled setting. People of all ages enjoy the inspirational natural beauty, exceptional facilities and stimulating programs of Christ the King. They gather for worship, study, retreats and conferences, banquets, hobby groups, and family reunions. They come for summer camp & youth events, healing ministry, veteran's programs, outdoor recreation of all sorts, child day care, library resources, lodging and much more. Please, come, explore all there is to do and see at Christ the King!
Beaver Cross Ministries, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, is dedicated to offering youth from all walks of life opportunities to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ in a real way through both Summer Camp ​and year-round Youth Ministry! BUILDING COMMUNITY IN CHRIST
Online access to the complete Book of Common Prayer.
The best online resource for doing Morning and Evening Prayer. It will walk you through it without having to navigate the Prayer Book.
We're committed to teenagers. In Young Life, we believe teenagers are important. They have a thirst for life that is unparalleled and we like being around that kind of energy! Young Life provides opportunities for teenagers to experience new things, build lasting friendships, and discover what they are capable of. We're committed to relationships. Everything that we do provides opportunities for teenagers and Young Life leaders to build relationships with one another. God created us for relationships, to experience life with friends we can trust. Young Life leaders are adult friends who can help kids gain perspective on life. We believe Jesus Christ is important. We love kicking around the idea that in the midst of the problems of life, there is hope and a purpose to it all. We believe that this hope and purpose is found in the person of Jesus Christ. We invite teenagers to inspect and consider the life and claims of his extraordinary person.
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